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Jackie Lipson, USA

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Jackie Lipson is a soulful queer pop singer and songwriter from suburban CT living in Los Angeles. In February 2020, Jackie exploded onto the scene with her debut single, “Someday”, landing on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, New Music Friday Denmark, Music for the Workday, Chani Nicholas’ Virgo, and Billboard’s Queer Necessities playlists.

“Someday is a soothing, lush slice of dream pop” – Jon Ali, Billboard Magazine

Jackie has performed alongside Certified Gold recording artist NISHA, played sold out rooms at Hotel Cafe and Madame Siam, and has opened for numerous artists including Rebecca Black.

“Air After Rain”, Jackie’s second single coming May 7, follows the buzz of her first with an ethereal synth-pop aura. “Air After Rain” is a fresh take on love in a desolate city. It tells the story of an unexpected romance that took Jackie by surprise in the best way possible. With April showers, “Air After Rain” sweeps you away to a wistful walk through a dewy spring meadow, and we could all use a vacation right now, amiright?!

Jackie debuted “Air After Rain” May 6 via livestream through We Found New Music with Grant Owens co-presented by The Grammy Foundation and DoLA.

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